It’s Just Goodbye For Now, My Handsome Boy…


On a cold and overcast drizzly day

God came for Him.

He was ready, I was not, nor would I ever be.

We were rushing him to the Vet…

Comforting Him all the way.

He knew.

I knew.

His eyes said, “It’s ok, it’s my time Mom”.

He told me this several times.

He was slipping away, fast.

A wave of utter devastation enveloped me.

God’s warm embrace enveloped Him.

As He lay there, He was ready to go.

I wanted him to stay, just for me.

But I knew that God had called his Loving Buddy home…for the last time…a last look…a last breath.

As I cradled Murphy in my arms, I felt God take him lovingly into His.

I don’t know what I will do without you Papa.  I loved you so very much Murphy.

Go find Grandpa, and Macy, and Heidi and Seamus.  They’ll know what to do.

Daisy will meet you at the front gate to check you in…”Murphy, Handomest Yellow Lab Ever, Best Boy Ever, Check!”

They will show you where the absolute softest clouds to sleep on are, where the bluest most beautiful lakes to swim in are, and where the tastiest bags of kibble  are, and where your own private stash of unlimited bacon treats exists.

I knew when I adopted you, our time would be shortened.  But if quality counted as years, you lived to be a thousand.

Thanks for that Murphy.

Today, the world is just a little less wonderful without you in it.  Another bone-shaped hole has formed in my heart.

Hold the fort down up there Murphy and don’t let Daisy boss you around. 

I will see you at the Bridge someday Murphy.


With Infinity Loves,




P.S.  No swangling in Heaven!


4 thoughts on “It’s Just Goodbye For Now, My Handsome Boy…

  1. Mom-
    You were and are the most amazing mama anybody could ask for!!! It’s not about quantity, but quality! And you gave Murphy the most loving and comforting forever home a doggie could ever ask for!! You two were two peas in a pod! The bond between you and Murphy was unbreakable! The spirit and strength you two shared was remarkable to watch!!! Murphy may physically be in heaven now but his soul lives within you!!! And not a day goes by that he is not right by your side being your guardian angel!!! The void and pain is unbearable and irreplaceable! There will always be a permanent home in our hearts for the Murph man!!! And on behalf of Murphy, THANK YOU MOM!! For the being the best mom to the both of us!!!
    Murphy- you are larger than life buddy!!! Your presence at home is missed! You truly are a one of a kind guy! You are the most caring, patient, naughty, boundary crossing, rule breaking, unconditional love giving man!! I miss you hogging the bed! I miss you all up in my grill! I miss you sitting on me unexpectedly! I miss coming home to you tearing something apart! I miss you playing with Duke! I miss mopping up after you every 30 seconds! I miss you greeting me in the morning! And I miss you greeting me when I come home!!! This truly is only a goodbye for now because one day we will reunite at the rainbow bridge!!! I hope grandpa is up there taking you on lots of walks! And don’t let Daisy boss you around too much! And you and Macy will probably give each other a run for your money with who’s quicker at stealing treats!!!
    I love you both very much and this world is a little bit gloomier without such a great guy in it!!!! You both taught me a lot!!! And for that I am grateful!!!
    I love you both!!!!!!

  2. You are missed Murph. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your life. Thanks for making Peaches the Cocador she is today. Although the time was too short, the fun and memories will last forever. It was you and the cool summer evenings that gave rise to the Friday night parade of fools which will forever live fondly in all of our memories. And of course the outings to the lake for leisurely swims were so good for you and for us as well. Like you mom said, knowing that you are up there with Daisy, Macy, Seamus, Sam, Angel and all the other loving labs of our lives gives us a little consolation. We well know what labs can get into when left without human supervision. That’s why we all love you guys so much. Be patient. We’ll all be together forever someday. Knowing you guys are going to be there waiting gives us all great joy. Love you and miss you Murph.

  3. Ever used fresh aloe vera on a wound? It’s goopy, messy, and stinky . . . but it heals and soothes like no other remedy. Mary, Murphy was like aloe vera salve to your soul after the loss of sweet Macy and so many other losses and challenges since then. So messy and naughty and loving and honest that you had to give your undivided attention to him. No worrying about the past or future – too much NOW to deal with in a day with the Murph Man. A dog-sized lesson in mindfulness. You and he lived each moment to the fullest in each other’s company. I loved that boy. His character grafted onto yours. He gave more than he ever took. He was so lucky to have you. He will live on in legend – and in our hearts. Love and healing to you.

  4. So very sorry that Murphy is not with you Mary. He was such a wonderful boy and he was so very lucky to have you for a mom.
    You are both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Miss seeing both of you around here.

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