Murphy Has Vestibular Syndrome




Hi Everyone!

I got sick again and scared Mom to death!  I have something called Vestibular Syndrome.  Here’s what happened to me…Mom took me to the Vet last Friday for an eye infection.  After getting that treated, we came home and went for a nice walk to the Park.  While there, I seemed to have lost some of my back leg control and started to walk sideways.  This scared Mom and lasted about two minutes.  She thought I had a pinched nerve and I was just fine later.  That same thing happened about 3-4 times over the next several days.  Then on Wednesday afternoon, I started falling down a lot.  Sissy called Mom who came right home and took me back to Dr. Atwal.  Mom was so scared and thought I was having a stroke.  We waited for what seemed an eternity for Mom, then Dr. Atwal came out and carried me into the clinic, as I was having a real hard time walking.  Mom was beside herself, but tried to be brave for me.  All my aunties started calling Mom for support.  I was not happy to be back at the clinic, believe me, but knew I had to be there.  What is it about the pet clinic anyway.  Well, that’s another story for later.  So Dr. Atwal was doing many tests, poking, prodding, kneading, pinching, tweezing, listening, observing, then I was taken back to the “back area” again for some Xrays.  A while later, I was brought back to Mom, reunited, and happy to be out of “Area 51”.  Dr. Atwal immediately reassured Mom that I was going to be OK but had something called Blah, Blah, Blah.  I could tell Mom had been crying and saw Auntie Alexis sitting there!  Yeah, where is Buddha?  Is it time for dinner or treats?  Are we doing a Parade of Fools?  Guess not.  So I stood there while Dr. Atwal, who Mom refers fondly to as Dr. Doolittle, explained my condition to her.  So I am having difficulty walking and standing, fall down, have eye nystagmus, tilted head, walk in circles, and am a bit confused as to what is happening.  It is something that happens in dogs, and in elder dogs?  Am I an elder dog?  Gosh, I feel like I am 2 years old.  Mom calls me her Senior Man, her old Man, or Pappa.  Sometimes she calls me her “Old Man of the Sea”, whatever that is.  Mom, my name is Murphy!   Well, Dr. Atwal, gave me some anti-inflammatory meds, with some anti-nausea pills too, as sometimes this syndrome can cause vomiting, which is something I do NOT want to do.  Barf!  The good news here is that this will resolve itself within 2 days to 3 weeks with not much treatment.  Dr. Atwal did discover some bone spurs on my spine with some arthritis which he is treating too.  But I should be back to my old self in a couple of weeks.  Mom stayed home today to baby me, which I love of course.  I will milk this as long as possible.  I gave Mom a huge scare.  I heard Dr. Atwal say that many dog owners bring their dogs in with the same syndrome, thinking their dog has stroked out or is dying and want to euthanize!  YIKES!!!!!   That is a permanent decision for sure.  Mom learned a lot about this and is going to be very patient and loving as I recover.  Oh yeah, no stairs for me now either.  Sissy said she will carry me up and down the stairs each night and morning to place me in Mom’s bed.  Boy am I going to milk this!!


Got Milk?



2 thoughts on “Murphy Has Vestibular Syndrome

  1. Mary and Murph: So sorry Murph is going through another episode. The good news is Dr. Atwal is on top of it and that Murph just has to wait it out. Sorry for not having been in touch much lately. We closed on the new house last Thursday, are waiting for our furniture to arrive, etc. Then Peaches came down with something last evening. She became very lethargic, wouldn’t eat, was shivering, etc. So off to the Atlanta emergency vet we went this morning. The doctor couldn’t find anything serious even after a big blood panel test. She did find her anal glands to be quite impacted and “evacuated” them. That seemed to do it and she is now 99 per cent back to normal. I’ll give you a call this week. Hang in there and take good care of the Murph.

    • Hey John…glad to hear Miss Packed Glands is well on the mend! Murphy had that too when I first adopted him…yikes! Best of luck on your beautiful new home in the far away land of Georgia. Miss you tons. Murphy and Duke send Peaches many belly rubs.

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