Monsters, Inc.




Well, well, well…what have the two monsters been up to lately?

-Duke broke Gigi’s Garden Gnome. (I would have preferred he just pee’d on it instead).
-Murphy tried to escape from Gigi’s porch and got stuck under the fence…really Murphy?
-Duke pooped on top of a rock in front of everyone at the park…really Duke?
-Murphy jacked two of Duke’s dinners.
-Murphy pooped in the middle of the street 7 times last week…That’s really ghetto Murphy.
-Murphy tried to jack Sissy’s hamburger right off her plate.
-Duke just sat there and watched.
-Murphy and Duke played with Pebbles at the park. Very cute.
-Murphy refused to enter the Vet’s office and Mom literally had to push his fanny through the door and slide him across the floor….again…really?
-Murphy and Duke ran out of the car at the park, across the street onto a neighbor’s lawn, causing a fracas with another dog who had also escaped onto the same lawn. That neighbor called another neighbor a “crabby ass”, causing more of a fracas, while Murphy tried to continue to run around their car, while Mom was trying to let the husband know she wasn’t the “crabby ass” in question… all the while trying to catch Murphy and Duke. Bad dogs, no biscuits.


5 thoughts on “Monsters, Inc.

    • I was discreetly trying to avoid writing anything adverse about the Incredible Molly B! But now that you put it out there…damn you Molly B. How could you do that to Auntie Mary’s new home? Bad girl, no biscuit!

  1. Mary – glad the two of them are back up to their mischief. Murph looks good. I don’t blame him for not wanting anything to do with the vet.

  2. I think sometimes you just try to make stuff up about Duke to make Murphy look better like he’s not the only naughty one!! Dukes perfect! Hahahaha

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