Couch Potato

Hello to all my friends!


Are you able to tell me what is missing from this photograph?  Looks like a couch cushion is MIA?  Murphy…would you like to shed any light on this?  So you think you can throw up on the couch, then lie on it afterwards?  REALLY?

Happy New Year and here are some of Murphy’s Happy New Year Highlights:

Pooped on a neighbor’s Christmas tree (don’t ask).

Threw up on the couch.

Threw up on his bed.

Sat on Duke.

Sat on Duke again.

Sat on Sissy.

Pooped in the street, again, again, and again.  Regressive behavior!

Knocked over Mom’s Poinsettia plant, depotting it in the process, leaving dirt all over the new carpet. 😦

Broke Grandpa’s Marine Nutcracker in three places.  😦

Barked at the family throughout Xmas dinner.

Slurped water out of the bucket all over the new floor, again, and again, and again.  Swiffers are irrelevant.

Almost cut himself in two with his own leash!  (don’t ask, you won’t believe the answer).  Just remember what he did to my finger last year while we were in the golf cart…hint…it involved the same leash and a trip to the hospital for me!


Really Murphy?





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