Holiday Highlights

Murphy shaming!

Murphy shaming!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce that Murphy is FINALLY starting to feel better.  He has almost normal poops again, is eating and drinking lots of water and getting into trouble again.  He does sleep a lot, but some of that is that he is the Old Man of the Sea, and some is the lingering effects of the chemo.  His stamina has definately been affected but little by little, he is coming back around.  Let’s see what Murphy has been up to, shall we?

Shredded Uncle Mike’s Xmas present.

Did a travel poo into the house.  Really Murphy?  (All was forgiven due to the chemo though).

Threw up on the couch.

Threw up on the floor.

Snuck up onto the bed.

Pooped in the new neighbor’s front yard…10 times so far.

Peed in their front yard too…too many times to count.

Met Whitney the Pit Bull.

Met Shelby the Pit Bull.

Met Dozer the Pit Bull…ignored them all.

Barked with Duke non-stop one day.

Watched Mom shower…pervo.

Sat on Duke, made him squeal.

Ate old jelly bellies off the floor.

Lifted his leg, peed on the other one. (This is an on-going problem)

Passed lots of gas.

Snored so loud, woke up Mom.

Ate an entire bag of Brownie Bites from Costco.

Broke past his doggie jail (gate) countless times.  Do not pass go or collect $200.




4 thoughts on “Holiday Highlights

  1. OH Murphydog SURE GLAD YOU ARE BACK. I know its hard to think up new things to show your Mom you love her. The travel poop decoration and the siting on Duke music are pretty creative!!! Happy holidays!

  2. Lord give me the strength!!! And more than half of those happened to me!!! I don’t remember signing up to have a naughty lab!!! Santas watching Murphy!! You’re getting coal!! But I still love you!

  3. We are so glad to hear the Murph man is doing extremely well and back to his mischievous self! I will give you a call later this week and get an update on him. Happy Holidays from all of us in the Atwal family & at ADAM Pet Clinic!

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