Do Not…..Go In There!

How many poop bags does it take?

How many poop bags does it take?

Ace Ventura would be proud of you Murphy!

Hello to all my arfie friends and everyone else who follows the blog.  If you follow the blog, you are obviously a dog lover, and therefore, my friend.

I want to give a big shout out to Michele, Alexis, Anne, Adam, Noel, and Betty.  You too Phil!  You all know how wonderful you are to have stepped in and helped take care of Murphy and Duke.  I am forever grateful and Karma will come back around to each of you with wonderful blessings.  I simply cannot thank you enough!

Murphy finished his second round of chemo and things went different this time.  Dr. Atwal front loaded the chemo with an anti-nausea which kept him from vomiting.  Four days later, he became very lethargic again, stopped eating, and had over-the-top explosive chemo diarrhea.  The poor guy was so sick.  One night, he just lied in bed and cried all night. Have you ever lied in bed and held your dog all night when he was crying?   That was it.  No more chemo.  I decided that Murphy’s quality of life is so much more important.  He is suffering so much having chemo.  Dr. Atwal was in full support of my decision.  I hope I have made the right decision and still struggle with it and the feelings of guilt and whether or not I am doing the right thing.  The right thing is for Murphy to have a good quality of life and that is so important to me.  I want my Murphy back.  He is finally starting to feel better the last couple of days.  Dr. Atwal will continue to follow him monthly.  I will keep you all posted. 

Hey Mitch…Murph and Duke want to know what happened to the front door?


3 thoughts on “Do Not…..Go In There!

  1. First of all, as an animal lover with cats (notice I didn’t say cat person), I didn’t understand the whole poop obsession until I had the privilege of caring for the boys. Actually, I think they took care of me :), especially with the door incident. “Hey lady, don’t just stand there looking at the door, get our breakfast!” In the moment! No worrying about the past – even if it was a minute ago!

    And, I completely agree with your decision and believe it honors the spirit of Murphy. It is quality rather than quantity of life. He is a happy goofy boy and deserves to roll that way for as long as he lives, counter surfing and all! He told you what he needed you to do for him and you did it. You are the best mama ever!

    Phil says “Woof!”

  2. I know how hard it was for you to come to this decision. Please know that we support you. If Murph were younger I’d probably feel differently and know you would too. I am happy to know he will be able to enjoy the rest of his time. I truly admire and respect your decisions throughout this ordeal. I know how much you love Murph and how much he loves you. Can’t wait for the “old Murph” stories to start again.

  3. Michele says it all.

    You are the BEST dog mom (and Auntie) EVER. You make each day count for the Murph. If it was Molly B..I would make the same decision at the same time. Your courage is inspirational….
    and the journey with the Murph is still ongoing..he puts Marley to shame

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