Chemo Sabe and the Lone Ranger

The Dastardly Duo!

The Dastardly Duo!

Thank you so very much for following Murphy, and his journey with chemo. Round two of chemo was supposed to start today. I took Murphy in early this morning for his labs (pun intended). Dr. Atwal decided that since he got so sick last time from the first round of chemo, that he would wait until the bone marrow panel came back, so most likely he will get chemo tomorrow instead. Duke, the Lone Ranger, sat in the car barking his fool head off while Murph got his blood draw. I could hear him barking from inside the Vet’s office! I turned around and saw him bouncing up and down the rear hatch window trying to get my attention, which he did. So I brought him inside so he could supervise Dr. Atwal. Really Duke?

Honestly, part of me was so happy that I get my happy Lab for one more day. He has had such a great last week. I hate to put him through this again and really struggle with the fact that it is me deciding to prolong his life and by doing so, I must put him in harm’s way with the chemo.

Please keep Murphy in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. He loves all of you so much!


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