Day #6 of Chemo

I'm just so tired...

I’m just so tired…

Well, it is Day #6 of Chemo.  There is definate improvement in Murphy.  He is eating again, but still is lethargic and has diarrhea.  He seems to really perk up when visitors come to see him, especially his Auntie Anne and Auntie Alexis!  We sure know why Murphy loves them so much!  Murphy just adores Molly B and the Buddha Man.  The a/d seems to have stimulated his appetite and he actually ate a regular dinner tonight, softened up with water.  His mouth seems to be bothering him, like it almost hurts to chew.  I was able to take him for a very short walk down to the 5th tee, but then had to turn around.  I watch over him like a Mother Hen to make sure he’s ok.


This is still hard to talk about, especially when telling someone for the first time and they ask about his prognosis.  The Vet has given him a median of  6-9 months given the type of cancer he has.  That means that 50% of the doggies will live longer than that, and 50% will live shorter than that span.  Well, knowing Murphy, he will outlive them all!  He is definatley fighting this and is a strong boy.  This is definately the fight of his life!


Hang in there Murphy.  EVERYONE is rooting for you!



5 thoughts on “Day #6 of Chemo

  1. Hey Murph

    You had a great doggie day, eating, pooping, chasing the ball and whenever you were tired your mom was there, I saw you with you head on her lap smiling like YOU .. whatever tomorrow brings .. today was a good Murphy day .. and we are all grateful;

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