Chemo Sabe

It has been very hard to blog recently. Honestly, I haven’t felt like it. All of my attention has been focused on my strong handsome Survivor. Murphy is continuing to make a miraculous recovery from his near death experience. His tumor had spontaneously ruptured, causing near fatal bleeding. Thank the Lord that God gives surgeons special gifts to cure our loved ones and pets. Sadly, his biopsy results are back in and he has hemangiosarcoma, a very invasive cancer that is carried through the blood vessels. He started his chemo yesterday. He initially vomited twice, but finally feels better tonight. Fortunately, his Labs are improving, along with the anemia. He will have a series of 5 injections of chemo, which will hopefully stabilize the situation. Again, thank you for all of the well wishes to him. I could not have done this without the help, love, assistance, and support of my daughter, my family and my friends. I was a total trainwreck. This dog is just the best guy ever. It is just so unfair that Murphy has cancer. He had such a horrid past life. Why him? It’s not fair.

We have such deep relationships with our pets, such bonding…it’s absoutely incredible…such fabulous beings with amazing souls. Murphy, my bucket of love, hang in there my faithful companion. I will be with you every step of the way.


7 thoughts on “Chemo Sabe

  1. He is reflection of the beautiful healing spirit of his adoptive mother, no lab could have a better partner to help him on this path.

  2. Buddha’s mom says it all! You make his life sweet and funny, and his body strong, and his heart happy. Cancer or not.. Murphy is a lucky lucky being.

  3. Oh so very sorry Mary. You know that you both are in our prayers. Keep us updated on his progress. He is certainly a lovable fighter and will give the battle ahead his all. After all he finally has something to live for.

  4. Always here for you Murphy Lover!! I’m getting pretty strong doing Murphy curls! I love you with all my heart!! And Duke will stay by your side and be the best brother he knows how to be for you!!! You’re gonna pull through this with flying colors because that’s how strong you are!!! And I’ll do anything and everything to make you more comfortable!!! XOXO love you mama!!

  5. to my Murphykins, all our love and prayers come your way to both you and mom. A guardian Angel is with both of you during this time of worry and stress. Love ya guys,
    Auntie Jackie

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