Murphy Has Major Surgery

Critical Care Patient

Critical Care Patient

Dear Murphy Lovers:

A very sad situation has recently occurred with my beloved Lab. Last Wednesday night, Murphy suddenly became very rigid and his belly was distended. I thought it was from all the crap he has been stealing from the counters, DOTS, muffins, coffeecake etc. We took him right away to see Dr. Atwal, only to find out, after X-rays, that our poor boy had a tumor on his spleen that was bleeding into his abdomen. He needed immediate surgery or he would die. Dr. Atwal immediately performed a spleen removal and found all of the damage internally. He did not think Murphy would make it through the surgery, but he did! Murphy is a survivor and a very strong good boy, and handsome too. My daughter and I were total trainwrecks at this point. He would be in critical condition for the next 48 hours due to possible blot clots from all of the internal damage. Dr. Atwal did a fantastic surgical miracle on my beloved Labrador and saved his life! This is the 2nd Lab that Dr. Atwal has saved, the first being our beloved Heidi, a gorgeous black Lab.

I won’t get into any more gory details. Most importantly, I want you all to know how very much I appreciate all of the loving thoughts, prayers, spiritual readings, visits, phone calls, texts, more calls, more texts, and more prayer! Murphy felt all of your wonderful energy wash over his body to help kickstart the healing process. Guess what…it all worked! Dr. Atwal thinks Murphy has made a miraculous recovery, but he is not out of the woods quite yet. Dr. Atwal has sent the tumor out for biopsy and we will know the results this coming week, so keep your fingers crossed and please keep praying for him. There was a lot of trauma. My big boy is back, begging, and eyeing the counters. I told him I would never be mad at him again! My daughter and dear neighbor said…”Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep!”

Thanks again to all of you!!!!! Murphy thanks you all too! Oh yeah, get out the Sir Francis Drake collar!


7 thoughts on “Murphy Has Major Surgery

  1. I don’t know you but have been following your blog. I feel like Murphy is my nephew! I have two labs and I know how hard this must be. I will keep you all in my prayers!

    • Diane….thanks for keeping Murphy in your thoughts and in your heart. It is so cute that he feels like a Nephew to you already. Just keep loving your Labs like crazy…it’s real easy to do that, right? Sounds like you have Double Trouble with two Labs. If they are anything like Murphy, you have your hands full!!!!! hahahaha Thanks so much for all your well wishes and keep praying!

  2. Very very scary day but with all the live and support in the world, Murphy pulled through!!! Despite all of Murphy’s shenanigans, he’s an amazing guy with a strong will to live!!! It definitely is not his time to leave us!! He still has plenty more muffins to swipe off the counter and several more gin and tonics to jack from the neighbors!!! Love you with all my heart Murphy man!!! And yes, I will allow you to be grill master! But don’t take advantage!! I love you both and you’re the luckiest dog to have the best mama in the world Murph!! I should know because I am equally as lucky!!! XOXO

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