Crime of the Century-Solve It- I Dare You!

Can I get a coffee with those muffins please?

Can I get a coffee with those muffins please?

I was at work today when I received an email from Anne (Molly’s Mom) stating that when she came over to check on the dogs, she found a baggie on the floor in the kitchen. Since I know I don’t have a stash in the house (don’t worry, jk), I immediately remembered that I had left a small baggie containing two freshly baked pumpkin muffins for my daughter to take to work. Someone, whose name starts with “M” and ends with “urphy” was at it again. What did he get into this time?

It was postulated that perhaps Duke jumped onto Murphy’s shoulders, grabbed the baggie of muffins, and ditched into the living room to divvy up the booty. Could that have happened?

When I got home, I discovered that the UNSUB had actually snatched the large baggie of muffins off the counter, containing at least 10 muffins! OMG! Murphy immediately sulked away, looking very guilty and placed himself on time out. Duke was running around like nothing had happened, completely oblivious. But was he?

Later this evening, I was discussing the incident with Anne, who said that she thought Molly had been in my kitchen earlier in the day when she was over with the dogs. But was she? The suspect pool just got bigger.

OK you crime solving sleuths… WHODUNNIT? Was it Murphy? Was it Duke, perhaps Molly? Did Professor Plum do it in the Conservatory with the Candlestick? Where does the trail of crumbs lead us? Who had the pumpkin breath? Of course, all will be revealed tomorrow in the usual fashion.


3 thoughts on “Crime of the Century-Solve It- I Dare You!

  1. Come on Mom, you always blame me give someone else a chance huh, huh.
    Ps I don’t even like the biscuits any more.- so there!
    Love Auntie Jackie

  2. Well, I work with Murphy’s mom and I can tell you she had a distinct scent of pumpkin breath about her this morning. I say Murphy was framed – AGAIN! And, Molly B, a repeat offender way before Murphy’s time, probably got half a muffin to keep quiet about the whole thing.

  3. I saw Murphy do it!!!!! He works his mom sooo good! And then plays the sympathy card when mom gets home and wags his tails and bats his eyes!!! Works everytime!!! She falls for it!! And somehow I’m in the suspect pool!?!? Come on!

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