Road Trip

Off to Lab Lake!

Off to Lab Lake!

Hey Everyone! Sunday was “Go to the Lake” Day for Murphy and Duke. Load up guys….off we go!
Let’s see, what happened at the Lake?

-Met Gabriel the Chocolate Lab (he stole Murphy’s new buoy…lol)

-Met Baily the senior Golden Retriever (he stole Duke’s buoy)

-Swallowed gallons of water

-Jumped out of the car upon arrival and ran down to the Lake, no leash

-Pooped on the sidewalk…Mom said “you are so ghetto, Murphy”

-Watched Duke rescue Gabriel’s tennis ball halfway across the Lake! Go Duke!

-Pee’d gallons of water…what goes in, must go out…laws of physics

-Came home and turned into Lavendar Lab after his bath.

-All in all had a great day at the Lake!


2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Peaches and I miss those outings so much! Swimming season in Wisconsin is nearing its end. Fall is here. Leaves are changing. Cool mornings, cold nights, clear sunny days. Beautiful in another way.

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