The softball team I play on made it to the playoffs! Yeah!! So, you think that the title of the blog is about Major League Baseball? NO!!!!! It’s about Major League Barking!!!!! We took the dogs to the last game and while we were out playing

Unruly fans!

Unruly fans!

they barked the entire time, one hour straight, no break.  OMG!  Really you guys?  Isn’t there a MLB rule against this?  Isn’t the umpire supposed to throw them out or something?  Can I get some help here please?


Bad dogs, no biscuits.


2 thoughts on “MLB

  1. Mom


    We are your biggest fans and your good luck doggies!!!!

    It was a TON of work..we were so tired after all that cheering .. AND SO PROUD

  2. They are red carded! And ejected from the stadium!!! No wonder people kept hitting foul balls their way!! Hoping it would bump one of them on the head to stop barking!!!

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