Will the Real Murphy Please Stand Up



While roaming around at Bark in the Park, Murphy met Murphy. The other Murphy is a Great Dane. As you can see, my Murphy looks like a poodle next to the other Murphy. Well, both were very sweet doggies.

Some highlights from Murphy’s adventure at Bark in the Park…

-No walk into the park would be complete without Murphy taking a big steamy one right near the entrance, right? Remember last year? Thanks big guy.

-Watched Molly B steal a salami sandwich right out of a baby’s hand! OMG! Do not take notes on that one Murph.

-Dragged Mom all over the park trying to steal table snacks.

-Watched Molly B climb up on almost all the snack tables. Do not take notes on that one either Murph!

-Murphy escaped from his collar and leash and ran behind a snack counter. Busted by Mom. 😦

-Got stuck in a raging freak rain storm. We all had to leave due to the wet factor. When the announcer said they were going to have a wet T-shirt contest for the dogs, Mom said that was hukamaka and we left!

-And what outing would be complete without pooping on the way out either…again, Murphy, you are a pooping wonder. Can you ever do this in private please?

-On the way home on the freeway, (still during the freak storm), Mom had one of her windshield wipers fly off in the wind. A quick trip over to Auto Zone took care of that. We all looked like drenched rats when we got home. Never a dull moment when out with Murphy, Duke, and Molly B.

-Next year, Murphy is entering the costume contest. We are accepting all ideas.


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