Slumbering Angel

Overdosed on fun at Bark in the Park!

Overdosed on fun at Bark in the Park!

Murphy had a big day at Bark in the Park today. After getting thoroughly drenched during a freak rain storm at the event, we all bailed and came home. Murphy snuggled up into Macy’s old fort blanket and fell fast asleep. He is so adorable when he is sleeping.

We had a most wonderful and unexpected sighting at Bark in the Park. We ran into Murphy’s foster Mom, Janet! I became extremely verklempt and so did Janet. She could hardly believe how great Murphy looked and behaved. Janet had Piper there with her. Piper is Janet’s beloved yellow Lab and she is Murphy’s foster brother. Piper had on a brand new pink collar and pearls as well. “Very Jackie O”, said Janet. Anyway, we were all tickled pink to have run into each other and Murphy and Piper couldn’t have been cuter together. It was a total “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” moment.

Janet is currently fostering another yellow Lab, Duggan, for Golden Gate Lab Rescue. This guy chewed up a carabiner, escaped from his crate during the day, and dragged it across her floor. Could there really be two Murphy’s? OMG!

Well, I think Murphy is having sweet dreams all snuggled up in Macy’s blanket…a true Kodak moment…at least it’s a quiet moment…not too many of those around this house.


4 thoughts on “Slumbering Angel

  1. I think Murphy is most handsome and lovable when he’s sleeping!! This is when he behaves the best!! Lets get him some more him and tonics so he can pass out more often!

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