Old Habits Never Die!

San Francisco Sourdough...GONE!

San Francisco Sourdough…GONE!

When I got home today, I was greeted by the usual happy arfies. They were dancing around, wagging their tails, and doing little skippy dances as I tried to wedge myself past them to get through the door. Suddenly, Murphy acted as if he was trying to put himself on time out again, a behavior he did last year after doing something naughty during my absence. As I rounded the corner, this is what I found…a chewed up piece of plastic bag, minus the loaf of sourdough bread that was in it when I had been home at lunch. Guess what, Murphy didn’t get any dinner either. Oh the bloat of it all!

What is he carb loading for?


6 thoughts on “Old Habits Never Die!

  1. Dear Murphy,
    I am sorry you have to keep teaching your human the same lesson over and over again. Please be patient with her – you know what they say about teaching dogs new tricks! She will learn in time. Once a counter surfer, always a counter surfer.
    Auntie Michele

  2. Mom I am carb loading for Bark in the Park duh!!! I need to build up for my offering to the Police officers as I cross the street.

  3. I’m so glad it was you tody big brother!! For once, I am not the naughty dog today! I was secretly laughing when you were being scolded! Next time, share with me please!

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