There Simply Are No Words For This…



OK, Murphy was out and about visiting with friends and family. He had been at one particular home and had been easily going in and out of their doggie door. Well, sometime later, I heard some whimpering coming from the back of the house. I went into a room and this is what I found…Murphy had come inside via the doggy door and got hung up in their curtains somehow, ripping and destroying them in the process, then got himself stuck in their curtains and couldn’t move. What does one say to this ridiculousness? Nothing. Enough said.


6 thoughts on “There Simply Are No Words For This…

  1. Granddog…words cannot express what I am thinking. If you ever try this at my house, you will be drummed out of the Corp (Marine …that is). I expect that your Mother is teaching you better manners now. If you behave, I will send you a box of grandbiscuits. Much Love, Gigi

  2. Murphy,Murphy,Murphy what mor can I say? Only you could find the weakness in the material and only you would dare to go through. Guess what!!!! Right, no biscuit.

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