Murphy’s Best Friend Moved to Wisconsin

Peaches and Cream!

Peaches and Cream!

Murphy’s best little friend, Peaches, and her people, Jean and John, moved to Wisconsin. Well actually, they are moving to Atlanta via Wisconsin, as they wait for their gorgeous new home to be finished. So, sadly, Peaches went with them. I can’t figure out for the life of me why they didn’t leave her with me and Murphy, but go figure!

So, my “Original Parade of Fools” partner in crime is currently on the lookout for parading victims as we speak. John is probably lurking behind trees scoping out willing participants to start a Parade of Fools Walk in Milwaukee. For those of you who don’t know what the Parade of Fools is, I will refresh your memory. Each Friday night (except when it snows, hails, or rains), the dogs and all their people leash them up in glowing blinky collars and take them out to secluded areas when they can run off leash either in a park, on a golf course, or other great areas and we all throw lighted glow balls back and forth, so the dogs can frolick, play, and chase balls. All of the doggies have a blast and so do the people. (I will let you figure out who the real fools are). Peaches is having a great time at her new park every day, swimming in Lake Michigan, and will soon be jumping in piles of Fall leaves, so don’t feel too sorry for her. Peaches had a great rescue ending to her story too and is living the good life, as she deserves. Her people just adore her. I know she misses her friends and they all miss her too. The last Parade was several weeks ago, and it was a sad day for all of us. Let’s all wish Peaches and her people the best of luck!!!!!!

It’s just not the same without you guys!


4 thoughts on “Murphy’s Best Friend Moved to Wisconsin

  1. What a wonderful tribute to our wonderful memories! Thanks so much Mary. Special thanks to Murph, Duke, Molly B., Bo, Buddah, and all the rest of Peaches’ hooligan friends in San Jose. We are all settling in here in Wisconsin getting ready for winter. Peaches, Jean and Janin flew up here and my friend Gary from Alaska and I drove pulling the boat. Peaches made the flight just fine, as usual, and was really happy to see me when I got here almost a week later. We are staying with Jean’s mom who lives across the street from one of Milwaukee’s biggest parks. She and I go over there at least once each day for a long walk and lots of ball playing. They allow dogs in parks here and people are amazingly responsible in appreciation of the privilege. We’ve met a couple new doggy friends but surprisingly no labs yet. Jean’s brother and his wife have two cats who never met a dog until Peaches arrived. She is so cat friendly that she pretty much totally ignores them since they don’t seem to be comfortable enough yet to imitate play. It’s funny to watch. Grandma has lots of rabbits around her house and it is not uncommon to walk out the door at night and see one or two eating grass in the lawn. Peaches cannot figure out why they don’t seem to want to play with her. Since she hasn’t shown them any aggression they are beginning to just keep their eye on her and continue doing what they are doing. She sat there and watched one eat grass for about five minutes last night. That’s our Peaches.

    We’ll keep you posted on the move. We miss you all a lot. Especially the infamous Friday night Parade of Fools. Still can’t figure out whether the fools were the dogs or their people.

    Peaches and John

  2. We miss you Peaches!!! And we miss you too John!!! Can’t forget about you!! Hope all is well for your move and don’t forget to send us the cheesecake!! Love you

  3. Dear Peaches: We miss you. Now you are a full-fledged Sconnie. I used to be one, but I left for greener pastures in Cali. Soon you will be a true Georgia Peach and I wish you well. Love, Gigi

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