Murphy’s 100th Blog Entry…Reflections

#100   where's Waldo?

where’s Waldo?

I am sitting here writing the 100th blog entry on Murphy and can’t believe it! He is lying here by my side as I write this new post, #100. I also decided that I would take a picture of him in the golf cart, exactly one year later, in the same pose. Look closely at the difference. What a difference a year makes!

At the moment, Murphy is sneaking an adoring look at his Mother, glad that she was home for the holiday weekend. Murphy, as I look at you lying there, snoring loudly, not just because you are a Lab, but also because of your laryngeal paralysis, I wanted to put down some loving thoughts I have about you and things I have learned from you along the way…strangely enough, yes, I have learned things from you too Murph. I have learned…

-That you only live once, right Murph, so live each day like it’s your first! Wag your tail, do some counter surfing, jump on the couch, and bark loudly at Zsa Zsa!

-That in order to gain your rescue respect, I had to first give it to you at all times. Lord knows how this was tested with some of your shenanigans.

-That there is such a thing as a nightly clean slate! Wipe it clean! Erase that frown! Start over the next day, grudge free.

-That there is no such thing as “just a Lab”.

-That your leash is just a training tool. I can give you a ball and you’ll follow me anywhere!

-That you can mutilate a bag of potatoes, eat a loaf of bread, wolf down a bag of hershey kisses, and break an antique jar, and I will still love you.

-That a rescue Lab will make you smile every day!

-That no matter how many times you come bounding out the door, and run across the landing like a herd of buffalo, knocking over the same plant every day, that you are just so happy to see me and have me home. And, that I am glad to be home with you too.

-That you are kind of a big deal…people know you.

-That you are the most well-behaved when you are asleep, period.

-That life is even better with a Lab in it!

-That I can and have used every last one of my TBS stress coping skills while raising you, and they worked! Murphy, you don’t have any. Your idea of stress management is either eat it or pee on it. Seriously Murphy?

-That I continue to learn every day about unconditional love from my you.

-That no matter who the latest Hollywood hottie is, you are infinitely more handsome.

-That I would be lost without you. Thanks for being at the exact place at the exact time I was looking for you. Stay Calm and Keeping Snoring my handsome guy. I love you more than you can imagine!

Hey Murphy…you up for going to #200?


7 thoughts on “Murphy’s 100th Blog Entry…Reflections

  1. that was beautiful, It made me cry Buddha is snoring and running a big race right here on the dining room floor, I love him more each day.

  2. Hey! What’s this salty taste? Oh. Tear that made it down my cheek and onto my lip. Nothing can measure the richness of life with pets. Nonjudgmental true friends. He truly was at the right place at the exact time you needed him. He is the perfect dog for you! He’s the perfect dog.

  3. Your wisdom and love should become a book! Thanks Murph for getting on the golf course unattended with me!!! We sure fooled them!! Everyone needs a partner in crime

  4. He’s ready to work towards the. 200th post for sure. Being the Murph he’ll provide tons of material. Peaches and I are loving Wisconsin. Check your text messages for pictures.

  5. That was so touching!!! You two were meant for each other!! And you both saved each other at the right time! Everyday the house is filled with unconditional love, compassion, and naughtiness!!! Murphy never ceases to amaze me with both his angelic love and his devilish shenanigans! Nevertheless, he’s made this family better! And has been the best big brother a little creep could ask for! Thank you Murphy for also filling a void in mine and Dukes heart. And thank you Murphy for filling moms heart back up too!! Mom and Murphy = 2 peas in a pod!!! Congrats to the both of you!! Cheers to 100 more shenanigans, 100 more swangles, 100 more drools on moms freshly cleaned floor, 100 more steamy ones, 100 more bowls of kibble, 100 more potatoes, 100 more lake swims, and 1,000,000 more kisses!!!! XOXOXOXO

  6. Very nice posts and photos. What I’ve noticed is that Murphy is always smiling and looking at you Mary very adoringly saying, thank you, thank you, thank you – This has been the best year of my life!

  7. I cant believe that murphy is my granddog. I never taught him to behave that way. I only told him to always do the right thing …never to countersurf…never to run away..only to love his mama as I do.. I love you both. keep up the good blog.

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