Canine Wrecking Crew

What are you smiling at Murphy...this was NOT funny.

What are you smiling at Murphy…this was NOT funny.


When I came home today, I was getting out of my car when a whirl of yellow hair went streaking by and jumped in my car! Unfortunately, the Unsub, Murphy, got stuck on the floorboard underneath my steering wheel and was trying to climb out toward the passenger seat. This was kind of like an elephant getting stuck in an outhouse. I could not unwedge him without hurting him, but somehow, he got himself unstuck and jumped over the center console, knocking over a Diet Dr. Pepper in the process. Of course, the drink spilled all over the console, and as he continued to move forward, the drink went all over the seat as well. I had brought him home some leftover hamburger from Juicy Burger, but since he was sitting on it, I could not use it as a lure. He continued to just sit there not moving, just like a typical Lab who thinks he will be left behind. Murphy, did you not see me drive in? Anyway, I had to actually lift him out of the car and on to the ground. I see a heat wrap for my back in this story somewhere. Then, he decided to run over to the grass and do a “travelling poo” (you know, the kind of poop action when he is pooping and walking forward at the same time?). Within the next half hour, he had done two travel poos, ate some deer poop, and jumped in a pond, soaking himself.

My days are never dull. Off I go to clean my car.

Really Murphy?


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