Sir Francis Drake

Cone of Shame!

Cone of Shame!

Remember when Murphy had his warts removed last week? Well, the stitches only lasted one week and he removed them himself! Yep, apparently Murphy is also a DVM! He had a huge quarter sized hole in his head yesterday. So it was off to the Vet’s office again to see Dr. Atwal, who was able to put two stitches back in his scalp, plus a Sir Francis Drake collar to boot!

Murphy, really? Now THIS looks ridiculous.

Murphy is supposed to be the lead dog in a Fourth of July parade next week. Looking like this? I don’t think so. Is this patriotic? Definately not. The stitches are supposed to come out July 5th, so that doesn’t help the situation either. The parade entry is paying tribute to military canines. Which military canine will Murphy be now?


5 thoughts on “Sir Francis Drake

  1. No! What is a DVM? Poor baby! You are such a good mama!

    All you do is paint the cone with red white and blue glitter glue and he is the most patriotic pooch in the parade!!

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