Warts Be Gone!

Frankenstein lives!

Frankenstein lives!

Poor Papa Ganush. Last week, one of the warts on the side of Murphy’s face flared up quite dramatically and had a pink bubble emerge from it. It was pretty gross and I took him to Dr. Atwal who felt it was best to remove it just due to the sheer size of it. So he actually had three warts removed. Dr. Atwal said it would take about 30 minutes to cauterize them. When Murph emerged 30 minutes later he looked like Frankenstein! Each area had been shaved. Ooops forgot about that. Murphy is supposed to be the lead dog in the FOJ Parade! Well, he is still the most handsome Frankenweenie dog ever! He will still bring the house down at the parade!

Love you buddy. Good dog, you get as many biscuits as you want.


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