Cookie Monster

Jacked the cookies :(

Jacked the cookies 😦

I came home Friday night after work only to find that Murphy had eaten an entire package of Vanilla Double Stuffed Oreos!  I think he tried to make it look as though Duke had done it.  Really Murphy?  How could Duke have jumped that high onto the counter?   Who is the Olympian Counter Surfer?  AND, which dog had vanilla cookie breath?  Yes, Murphy, the CSI Team was out here and the verdict is…YOU DID IT!!!




5 thoughts on “Cookie Monster

  1. Haha Horatio came out with his kit!!! Someone stole…. (Take sunglasses off) the cookies out of the cookie jar!

  2. He’s just storing up in case he is ever on the streets again. Word on the street is he’s for sale to the lowest bidder! He knows it! Nice breath!

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