Road Rage

Look closely at who is driving!

Look closely at who is driving!

The Bad Boys Club did it again.  Only this time with lethal results.  Our new next door neighbor, Maggie the Dobie, was innocently hanging out in her front yard while Murphy and Duke were tooling around the neighborhood in their golf cart.  Duke must have made an inappropriate comment, and Murphy oogled her a bit too long and howled at her, so she flipped them both off.  The bottom line…Duke ran her over, just like that!  Maggie, dead.  Of this world, no more.  Of course, all good dogs go to heaven (mine won’t).  Goodbye Maggie, you were a great girl.  Sorry that Duke and Murphy harassed you inappropriately and ran you down!


OK, now you all know that this DID NOT HAPPEN.  Here’s what really happened.  We were all tooling around the neighborhood and stopped to talk with our new next door neighbors, and their Dobie, Maggie.  While we were out chatting, Duke and Murphy remained behind in the golf cart.  After about 10 minutes, Maggie decided to take a sun bath in the middle of the street about 6 feet in front of the golf cart.  As you can see, the photo opportunity was just too much.  Ergo, the dead dog effect.  We were all laughing our heads off.  Welcome to the hood Barbara and Mike!   hahahahahha


4 thoughts on “Road Rage

  1. I was reading this story and getting very concerned that Murphy’s mama had “lost it” and given him driving privileges!!!! Haha! So glad to see that was not the case ( as in head case)! If you all know Murphy’s mama, that is not too far a stretch! Haha! What a great photo op that was!!! Made me laugh!!! Love to Murphy and his mama and his sissy!!!

  2. It’s a good thing you clarified everything. I was freakin’ out and thinking that you let Murphy drive drunk again.

  3. Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it….I was sooooo tired trying to get that cute boy, Murphy, to play with me that I crashed for a short nap!! Just love the neighborhood, but have to watch out for speeding golf carts with doggy drivers!! 🙂 Maggie

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