Near Miss

Report, analyze, prevent!

Report, analyze, prevent!

What is a near-miss event?

A near-miss event is defined as an unintentional unsafe occurrence that could have resulted in an injury, fatality, or property damage.  Only a fortunate break in the chain of events prevents such injury, fatality or damage.  Did you hear that Murphy?  You caught a break. Ok, here’s what happened…

Alexis was over visiting Murphy and we took him for a walk. She was wearing her $5,000 dollar Dansko shoes complete with black suede and gold threading woven in them. Yeah, that’s some fancy footwear and some foreshadowing right there! Anyway, while we were out and about we saw another dog and were visiting, blah, blah, blah. Murphy somehow got his leash wound around his legs and Alexis bent down to fix it. At that very moment where worlds collide, Murphy decided to take a big steamy one, narrowly missing her million dollar shoe by about 1/16 of an inch! She jerked her foot back right as the mirrorball trophy dropped to the ground. Yep, a near miss! Murphy almost pooped on her shoe! Way to go Murphy. I almost had to buy her a new pair of shoes and would have been eating cereal all month. Bad dog, no biscuit!

The key to any near miss report is the “lesson learned”. This near miss was a cheap, zero-cost learning tool for me!


2 thoughts on “Near Miss

  1. Walking dogs in $5K shoes just sounds wrong somehow. Hear that, Alexis? Good thing you weren’t in flip flops!

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