Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

OMG!  The most hysterical thing happened with Murphy tonight.  My daughter and I were out in the golf cart and were loading the dogs into the cart for a ride.  We were facing a hedge and some bushes and hadn’t left the driveway quite yet.  Murphy sat down, but his fanny hit the gas pedal and the golf cart lurched forward and took off.  My daughter was driving it at the time and the look on her face was priceless as she had no control whatsoever over the cart and was madly trying to break.  We drove right into the hedge, over some bushes, she made a crazy U-turn onto the street, and the golfcart was still at full throttle, with Murph’s butt firmly planted on the gas pedal.  We were laughing hysterically, out of control guffawing, side-splitting hilarity, knowing full well we had to regain control. It was like Top Gun in a golfcart. We finally realized Murphy was in full control as we continued to lurch down the street at top speed. Mind you, we are laughing so hard, we are out of control too. Finally, we were able to move Murphy’s butt out of the way and slam the brakes on without taking any of the neighbors out. Once we stopped, we were laughing beyond how hard you can laugh. My sides still hurt from laughing. We had to have burned at least 1000 calories laughing.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

  1. I was laughing out loud as I read this post. The scene you painted was alive and zany – so funny that I actually could see you all spinning around like a ride at the amusement park. Thank you for the laugh!

  2. Words can’t even begin to describe it!!!! Hahahahahahahaha. Murphy is no longer a “near miss!” He is a “huge hit!”

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