Pretty Princess!

Pretty Princess!

This is Lucy!  Isn’t she adorable?


Of course she is!


Lucy’s people are my brother and his wife, both fantastic people.  Now, you should know, my 6’3″ He-Man brother and his beautiful karate-chopping wife typically have had German Shepherd’s. In fact Lucy’s brother, Duke,  is a German Shepherd (more about him later).  But somehow, this adorable, precious girl rules the roost from the couch with merely a “look” in Duke’s direction to keep him at bay.  She prances around the house like she owns the place.  As for my brother, he wouldn’t be caught dead with such a nard (Not A Real Dog), but he has fallen madly in love with her too, although forgoes carrying Lucy around in a COACH purse.

I think Lucy’s people are going to give her to me and Murphy!  Keep your fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Prancercise

  1. Hey sis!! So I am officially a follower of your blog!! Sorry for the delay… got in the way! But here I am…and I will check it each day for a good laugh! I love you! Thanks for loving me back…somehow I think if i were to grow a tail and shaggy ears….you would love me more!! Haha! By the way Lucy has lost three pounds…and literally races around the house now! Who would have thought? She misses you!! Hope to see you soon!

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