Man’s Best Friend

Lavender Lab

Lavender Lab

Man’s Best Friend had a glorious bath today, topped off with a scruptious lavender conditioner.  He smells sooooo good and his coat is like silk.  I know, If I tell you anymore how handsome he is, you will stop reading the blog.  Let’s see what Murphy did this past week…

  • Saw a coyote-ignored it
  • Saw a Mother deer and two fawns-ignored them
  • Saw a hawk-ignored it
  • Saw a herd of bucks with ginormous antlers-ignored them
  • Threw up on Mom’s carpet
  • Threw up on Mom’s bedspread, again
  • Jumped on Mom’s couch about 20 times
  • Jacked an Oreo-didn’t ignore it
  • Actually behaved and stayed out of the kitchen!
  • Laid all over the clean laundry on the couch
  • Shed everywhere possible…vacuuming is irrelevant
  • Got a tick…Mom screamed…removed the tick…Mom called me Ricky Ticky McTavish.  What’s a tick?  I’ll ignore that too.

Clean slate each night.


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