It’s A Dog Day Afternoon

We are just so cute!

We are just so cute!

The CEO in charge of Swangling is at it again…this time in spades.

For those of you who aren’t regularly following Murphy’s blog, “swangling” is a term whereby the male dog begins to pee, then starts walking, AS HE IS STILL PEE’ING, causing his tallywhacker to swing back and forth, thereby creating a swirling pattern of pee all over the ground. I know, real nice. Even worse, is that the swangling motion also typically gets directed at the back of the dog’s legs and paws….GROSS! Ergo, the “Mr. Messypants Clean Up Station” at my front door.

Poor Murphy. He came from such neglect. This has been a real hard behavior to correct, or even begin to train out. The only thing I know how to do at this point is to gently hold his chest while he pees, encouraging him to stand still, then I offer much praise to him accompanied by a treat. If any of you out there have any ideas, I welcome them. OK, enough about swangling.

Murphy has been very busy lately with his new brother Duke, you know, the Creepy Little Guy. They sleep together, walk together, and eat “nearby” together (Yes, Murphy jacks Duke’s food, but my dog isn’t perfect, OK?) Murphy has been very welcoming of Duke to the house. Good Dog…you get a biscuit.

Last night I took the two arfies out for a walk on the golf course after dark. They had on their lighted doggie collars from (Best ones ever-thanks Uncle John) and Murphy carried his blue glow ball in his mouth the entire walk (thanks Auntie Anne). I did get some strange looks as Murphy takes on quite an eerie cast with that blue glowing ball in his mouth! The weather was cool and lovely and Murphy walked right next to me, without his leash…total Mamma’s Boy. I love that. Of course, the Creepy Little Guy had to stay on leash as he has had a bit of the wanderlust over the weekend, chasing 5 large bucks and a couple of innocent ducks across the fairways. Bad Duke, no biscuit. We are not quite sure what he would do if he actually caught up to any of these creatures, and never want to find out. And with “Bob” the Bobcat lurking about, we want to keep Duke safe. Geez, throw in a couple of rattlesnakes and coyotes and I will definately move. Living in the middle of nature is both beautiful as well as challenging. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh, yeah, did I mention today how handsome Murphy is? hahahahaha I’m the luckiest Lab owner in the world! Murphy is so loving and cuddly. I adore him.

Well, I’m off to Pet Food Express to buy some more Mango Tango doggie wipes.

Peace out!


One thought on “It’s A Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Adorable pic, great story! Duke is sweet and loveable, not creepy! Murphy is so lucky to have such a devoted mom.

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