Water Boy

Really Murphy...

Really Murphy…

Well, he’s at it again.  Monday is my very long day at work…12 hours.  Murphy was home all day with his brother and my daughter.  When I got home around 9 p.m., Murphy was exceptionally demanding of my full attention.  When he didn’t get it, he went to the living room, grabbed his water bucket, carried it to my room, and dumped it on my floor right in front of me!  This is old behavior.  Bad dog, no biscuit.


Clean slate. 


How many clean slates does he get?


3 thoughts on “Water Boy

  1. As many clean slates as It takes. Murphy is super super smart… a dumber dog might pee or poop to let you know his displeasure….a water bucket is pretty benign

    Can you get him a “corrector” for parents???

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