Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Image It has been interesting with Murphy having a new brother, the Creepy LIttle Guy.  Two males in one house….lots of testosterone and lots of leg-lifting outside.  In fact, many of you know the game “I’ll dominate your pee with my pee”.  And if Molly is with us, look out, Murphy becomes King Pee Pee.  Many of you miss the Week’s highlights, so here goes….

  • Murphy lifted his leg on a tree.
  • Duke lifted his leg on the same tree.
  • Murphy put his nose down to see what Duke was doing…got pee’d on in his face.
  • Murphy found his first dead baby rattlesnake of the season…yes… “They’re Baaaaack”.
  • Murphy lifted his leg on another tree.  Duke was in the way, got pee’d on.
  • Murphy stepped on Duke.  Murphy stepped over Duke.  Murphy had a “near miss” with Duke.  Murphy stepped on Duke again.  Duke now runs through Murphy’s legs.
  • Murphy ran away from my daughter.
  • Murphy jacked Duke’s breakfast.
  • Murphy jacked Duke’s dinner.
  • Murphy snuck into the kitchen and jacked Duke’s breakfast the next day.
  • Had to put a gate up to keep Murphy out of the kitchen so Duke gets food.
  • Murphy snuck into the neighbor’s kitchen and tried to sneak a glass of wine.  They petted Murphy and reinforced this wonderful behavior.  Maybe they’ll invite him over for cocktails.
  • Murphy was over at Molly’s and burglarized her tennis ball.  Brought it home.
  • Saw some deer, ignored the deer.  Saw a bobcat, ignored the bobcat.
  • Got so many washings, Mom lost count.  Bad dog, no biscuit.

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