Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

ImageMy daughter is vacationing at my house right now and you all know and have seen adorable little Duke in the last couple of postings.  You know, the Creepy Little Guy?  Anyway, Duke comes complete with numerous Creepy Little Guy Little Dog Beds appointed tastefully around the house.  A small war of dog beds has started between Duke and Murphy.  One such Creepy Little Guy dog bed was next to my daughter’s bed when I left for work this morning.  This is what she awakened to when she got up!  Really Murphy? If it does not fit, you must acquit!


One thought on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  1. Like in Cinderella, if I push and squeeze I just know it will fit. And since my face is covered you can’t tell its no Duke RIGHT!
    Love Auntie Jackie

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