Chocolate and Vanilla


Around Christmas, I wanted to take some silly pictures of Murphy and also wanted to surprise Molly’s owner with some Christmas photos.  I took them both out for a very long walk to get them good and tired, as I thought they would be able to listen and pose better.  What was I thinking?  I had some elf hats and Santa hats, etc.  I thought I would start out with Molly and dressed her all up in a ridiculous outfit.  She was having none of it.  I had to take about 1000 photos, just to get one decent one out of the whole darn batch!  During this time, Murphy thought Molly B was getting WAY TOO MUCH attention  and kept butting into the photos and kept getting shoved out of the way.  His turn was coming and he is very easy to pose and photograph.  He looked right at me, walked over to his 2 gallon water bucket, picked up the handle, carried it a couple of feet, then tipped the bucket over and water went all over the carpet.  Well, that got my attention alright.  Bad dog, no biscuit.   The way he’s going, I might have to send him to Survivor-Redemption Island.  Is there redemption for Murphy?

Clean slate again.


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