Hershey Kisses for Mom


Murphy has been spending more and more time with Miss Molly B, the felonious counter surfer.  Anne generously offered to have Murphy over for play date every Monday night while I am at my night job.  Seriously, will Murphy rub off on Molly or Murphy become the expert counter surfer that Molly is.  Monkey see…Monkey do.  More will be revealed on that topic.


So, there “were” some graham crackers and Hershey kisses on the counter the day after Murphy came back from Molly B’s.  When I came back the next day at lunch, what did I find…oh yeah, Murphy had eaten an entire bag of Xmas colored (red, green, and silver) foil wrapped kisses.  He even ate the foil wrappings!  OMG.  That wasn’t all either.  He had a package of graham crackers too.  I found the evidence on the living room floor, his usual crime scene.  Oh Lord, what will come out of that rear end tomorrow?  And per usual, no remorse…complete sociopath.


Day 2 – no foil wrappings or glow in the dark poops located. 


Day 3 – no foil again.  I went to the dentist and her Dobie had done the exact same thing!  It made me feel slightly better about Murphy.

More weekly highlights:

  • Aunt Alexis bought Murphy an elf hat, but he thinks it is way beneath his dignity.  He said he would chew the hat up…remember the corn candy hat.
  • Gave Murphy a bath and blew him dry with the leaf blower.
  • Came home and found my oven mitt on the kitchen floor.  Thank God he couldn’t reach the cookies. 

I am guessing that his mouth has healed up, right?  God give me strength.




3 thoughts on “Hershey Kisses for Mom

    • Not mine Jackie! hahaha Actually, he has learned quite a bit. He is a real pleaser. As he continues to re-home to me, things will get better. At least he is not running away any more…that counts, right? NOT

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