The Shredinator – OMG

155Well folks, what Christmas would be complete without some naughty Murphy Xmas Cheer?

My daughter and I had gone out shopping to Pier One Imports. The staff there had wrapped all of our Xmas goodies individually in paper. When we got home a bit later, she put her bags in her room and I put my three bags in my room. No big deal right? We took Murphy and Duke (her little doggie) out for a long walk, then planned a movie night out. When we returned from the movie, my daughter walked into my bedroom for something and I heard her scream, “Oh….My….God”, followed by “Moooooom, oh….my….God…”. I walked around the corner into my room and was stunned into silence. There on the floor were all three of my bags, shredded to oblivion!!!! 😦 My daughter couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t mad and I told her, “Welcome to MY world”. Upon closer examination, we realized that he had only carefully removed the items and shredded the paper. All items (with the exception of a couple of casualties of Murphy’s war, the candles) were intact.

For obvious reasons, I did not put up my Xmas tree this year, for the first time ever. Gee, I wonder why? I tried to figure out how I could put up a tree with Murphy around, and after much consideration decided against it. How could he resist a Xmas tree? Would he lift his leg on it? Would Chewbacca destroy all of my ornaments? How many of my collectible Steinbach nutcrackers would make it through the holidays? I even considered hanging my Xmas tree upside down from the ceiling so he couldn’t get to it. I wanted Murphy to be as successful as possible with as few temptations as possible. As I found out, those were unrealistic expectations!!!!! Murphy? Marley? Chewbacca? Look at the photo and you be the Judge!


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