0221131352While at work today, my colleague found a little white doggie in the parking lot laying next to a tire.  Of course we investigated further and found that the little canine was very thin, matted (worst I’ve ever seen), hungry, and listless.  The team banded together on a rescue operation and were able to get some food into him and secure him with a leash.  We called Animal Control who responded within 10 minutes.  Officer S. Rodriquez of San Jose Animal Services responded.  I must say he is a fabulous ambassador for Animal Services and did a great job handling the little guy.  The doggie was so matted, he called him “Matt”, which we thought was so clever.  Anyway, he will see the Vet today and have three hots and a cot for 5 days.  Then he will get shaved, get a bath, and be up for doggie adoption.  Some wonderful family will be lucky to have him!  Team QI will make sure he gets adopted. Anyone interested…call me.


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