Dear Santa, I Can Explain…

0219131742It took a couple of weeks for Murphy to recover from his tooth extraction, a time I relished since the naughty behaviors vanished. In the meanwhile, I received a call from GGLR asking if Murphy could come visit Santa at the Pet Food Express in RWC, a fundraising event. Off we went with Peaches, who was also going to visit Santa in her “Mrs. Claus” outfit. I also had an outfit for the Murph. We got there and Murphy did his best to impress all of his rescuers. So to reward him, I purchased him a big bag of organic chicken treats. You know what’s coming right? Yep, he ate the entire bag of chicken treats the next day while Mom was out in the front yard getting the mail. So, he did not get his dinner that night, due to the sheer amount of treats consumed. The next day, you guessed it, diarrhea all day. YUK!!!! That’s a Lab for you. Highlights of this week:

Broke my Irish antique canister. Counter-surfed onto the counter, knocked it over, shattered it. Left it on the floor for me.

Shredded all the paper surrounding Mom’s antique Spanish olive oil pots. Marley!

Visited Michele’s Mom.

Watched her cat.

Sat in the dirt.

Ignored the cat.

Decided to tree another cat all the way to the roof next door!

Was a very good boy with Michele’s Mom. She loves Mr. Murphy.

Clean slate at the end of the day.

Murphy is definitely starting to come around. I know it doesn’t sound like it but he is a very loving Lab. I tell him a hundred times a day how much he is loved and how handsome he is. He loves to hear that. He is the Gerard Butler of Labs….so very handsome.


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