Chatter, Chatter, What’s the Matter?

0109131323aAll of a sudden, Murphy has stopped being naughty. I know, the day I prayed for. However, I would like to think that this was because of all the hard work and training I have put into this dog so far. But that was not the case.

When I first got Murphy, he would do this funny little “vibrato” thing with his mouth and his teeth would click together rapidly. After a little Internet research, I found out this was called “chattering”. I looked into the matter further and found out that some Labs do this. I had never heard of it. I could not really determine the circumstances by which he would do this as it occurred in his sleep, when he would first awaken, when he was waiting to be fed, when he would meet a new neighbor, and pretty much everything in between. So when he stopped being naughty, the chattering ramped up and one afternoon, he chattered non-stop and I just knew something was wrong. I called my Vet, Dr. Atwal, at Adam Pet Clinic in San Jose and took him in immediately. Dr. Atwal is the kindest and most intelligent Vet of all. He is like Dr. Doolittle and this is my third Lab with him. After a thorough exam, he discovered that Mr. Murph had an old split tooth that was split all the way down to the root and that was possibly causing him to chatter. Well, I immediatley felt like you-know-what, the negligent dog owner, however Dr. Atwal assured me that this had been there for a very long time and could be the cause of his chattering. Poor guy had been terribly neglected in his past. Dr. Atwal said Murphy was in a lot of tooth pain and we scheduled the extraction immediately and it was a whopping success. Now Murphy is pain-free, with sparkling teeth, which I will keep up with daily brushing. Will the Tooth Fairy still come tonight?

Will Murphy finally start behaving?


3 thoughts on “Chatter, Chatter, What’s the Matter?

  1. Hi Mar –
    Murphys blog is pretty cute – thanks for sharing. I love the photos too!

    Thanks for the info on chattering – Henry has recently started chattering – I’ll take him to the vet seeing as how he’s got a very interesting set of choppers and has always had “dog breath”.

    I miss you guys!

  2. What a wonderful chronicle of your new life with “the big lug” “the Murph” as I call him. What you have done with and for Murphy thus far and what you did with and for Macy, aka “Fancy Pants” is nothing short of remarkable. The many years my Seamus and your “Fancy Pants” had together undoubtedly made them both better dogs and gave us unforgettable memories only true dog people appreciate. Now you have your Murphy and I have my Peaches and new memories are in the making. He has already taught her to swim. What will be next? I’m not worried about he an Molly teaching her to counter surf though since she is vertically challenged. You need to document one of our common Friday evening “Parade of Fools (or Phools)”, our best new memory in the making. For anyone reading this who wonders what the parade is all about, it is when we take Murphy, Molly, and Peaches out on the golf course well after dark. They each wear lighted collars and we have lighted balls that we throw down the fairways with a chuck it . It looks like an optical illusion and keeps all of us in stitches. Afterwards the Fools (Phools) are completely exhausted and we all feel re-energized, even though we hurt from laughing.

    Keep up the great work with “the Murph.” I’m so glad you have him in your life. Like you I don’t know if life would be very enjoyable at all without our dogs and the memories they leave with us.

    John and Peaches

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