Una Grande Araña

1027121324cThis week, the two Unsubs, Murphy and Molly were over at Anne’s. They were getting ready for their walk and were behind her gate. I noticed that they were keenly interested in something on the ground and meandered over. I screamed bloody murder when I saw they were both one inch away from the biggest tarantula I had ever seen! The tarantula was frozen in terror at the sight and thought of being mauled by two Labs. Little did the tarantula know that these two Labs wouldn’t hurt a fly. But their interest persisted and Anne came running out of the house when she heard me scream. She immediately got the dogs inside and then the tarantula moved under a bush. I told Anne this and she thought I was playing a Halloween joke on her. When she realized I was NOT, she freaked, called security, and sternly informed them that they had better get up to her house and catch this thing. We were able to put a white bucket over the tarantula to contain it, then felt really bad. When security arrived, he was able to corral the tarantula into a paper bag and we all agreed to the catch and release program. Thank God the two Unsubs saved the day and Anne could sleep peacefully knowing a tarantula was not lurking outside her front door. More highlights from Week 12:

I took Murphy on an outing and of course, when I let him out, he ran away. One of the nice men who worked nearby saw me chasing him and helped me corner Murphy in order to catch him. Will this ever end?

Was WAY TOO INTERESTED in a male Bassett Hound’s “parts”. Really Murphy?

Pee’d on himself.

Got stuck underneath a bush by his harness. Couldn’t get out. (Should I leave him there?)

Got scared by a fake Halloween cat while he was on patrol.

Saw a big buck.

Saw some does and fawns.

Saw some ducks.

Saw some wild turkeys, about 15 of them. Ignored all the animals.

Went into Mom’s shower and chewed up her conditioner.

Ran away up the street, but came back.

Pee’d on himself.

Got a Halloween costume…”BAD DOG”. It has prison stripes.

Swam in the lake with Buddha and Peaches. Was a good dog at the lake.


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