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    After chewing up Anne’s house, Murphy didn’t do anything naughty for several days.  I thought….finally….we’ve turned a corner!  It was like someone removed his “naughty sim card”.  I was delighted.  But of course, like all good things which are usually short-lived, this too, came to pass.  Highlights of Week 11:

    Ran away again…this time onto the golf course.  Really Murphy?  Some guys had just teed off the fourth tee, when a yellow Lab streaked across the fairway with me giving chase.  What a sight that must have been.  Fortunately, the foursome thought it was great fun as well and had a sense of humor about the whole thing.  I caught him at the tee area and brought him home.  I guess I needed the exercise anyway.  When I had Macy, she was a runner too for about the first 6 months, then it stopped.  Hopefully Murphy will stop running away too.


    Chewed open the packaging on my new Costco blanket. 

    Ran away again down the street.

    Chewed up Mom’s client brochure.

    Chewed up a water bottle and got water all over the floor.

    Chewed up the packaging on the Mom’s new warming blanket.

    Defended himself when attacked by another dog…go Murphy!

    Got a new Loopie Ball, took it on his walk, dropped it, then pee’d on it.  (Class act)

    Played with Karen’s chocolate Labs, Willie and Bailey.  Watched Bailey climb a tree.  I didn’t know Labs could climb trees.  Hopefully Murphy will not be imitating that.


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