Mr. Help Myself-Week Nine

This week was full of great fun for Murphy as he had his first trip to the lake to swim. Not even knowing if he could swim (he is a Lab), off we went with “Peaches”, a gorgeous little cocker spaniel, and her person, John, a dear friend of mine. John and I had been taking Macy and Seamus to the lake for years, having great fun out there with both dogs. Having two completely different dogs now, we thought it would be fun to create new memories with our new dogs. Murphy went right in and went swimming all around. Murphy must have gone swimming before because he was a great swimmer. Peaches stayed safely by the shore and dipped her princess paws in periodically. She seemed to want more than just grabbing some shoreline. All of a sudden, off she went…swimming right to Murphy, and that was that…a swimming cocker spaniel! After great fun with swimming and retrieving their water balls, it was back home for baths and treats.

Later that afternoon, we went over to take Molly for a walk and Murphy decided to step in a mucky mud hole and had to have another bath. After all that exercise, Murphy came home and crashed on his bed. He looks so angelic when he’s sleeping. My perfect handsome man..NOT!!!!!!

Highlights of week 9:

Ate a bag of maltballs…about 90 of them…don’t ask.

Discovered that Murphy had meandered down to the second bedroom and lifted his leg on the new bedspread. Mom very unhappy and called Murphy something that ended with “hole”. What does that mean?

Mentioned to Murphy that California has a “Lemon Law” whereby one can return a used car when it has too many problems and repairs. Is Murphy a “Lemon Lab”?


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