Dog For Sale


When will all of this naughty behavior stop? Week ten was the worst so far. It is nearing Halloween time. Halloween is my favorite time of year. My mother was coming down for a visit for her birthday and I was really looking forward to her meeting Mr. Murphy. Unfortunately I had become extremely ill with the creepy cruddy flu. While I was out sick, of course, Murphy ran away three times in one day. Since I was so sick, I pondered whether or not to even chase him down at this point, but of course, I dragged myself down the street to capture him, yet again, for the two hundredth time. I am only praising him when he returns when I call him. So far, he is not returning. I am working on the command, “Come” daily. Why don’t I skip right to the highlights of week 10? This week was a real doozy!

Ate a diaper.
Ate a Halloween hat…showed very minor remorse.
Ate my sister’s Halloween gift.
Ate a Halloween mask.
Knocked over Mom’s glass vase off the coffee table.
Ran away. Came back when called.
Tore up Anne’s house while on a playdate. This was almost the breaking point for me.
Ate a can of peanuts.
Ate a jar of tootsie rolls, including the paper.
Broke a picture frame, glass everywhere.
Tore up paper documents.
Broke a golf trophy.
Tried to eat a wallet.
Chewed up some CD’s.

Return to sender? I told Murphy that if he didn’t shape up, he might go back to GGLR. Somehow, we have to figure out a way to remove the “naughty chip”.


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