Bucket of Love

1017121231bNow that you have a good dose of Murphy so far, you might think that I am really ready give him the boot! When I adopted him, I committed to this dog 100%, no matter what. That’s the type of committment you make to any rescue dog. Like I mentioned before, he is not perfect and has some issues, but don’t we all? He is like a furry version of a three-year old kid, who is in need of constant redirection. And I have all the time, committment, and patience to help him be his best. All of a sudden, I noticed that he is really starting to re-home to me. He is becoming a real Mamma’s boy (yes, in spite of himself), and he trusts that he will get plenty of food, rest, exercise, and most of all….love. In spite of his ‘Marleyesque’ ways, he is a total bucket of love. Yes, I am constantly working on his training, but I also give him plenty of time to show me who he is. Murphy is gentle, mellow, very loving to others, and has a Zen-like quality to his personality. Conversely, yes, he is a naughty Lab. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? No that’s just a Lab. Patience and Humor are my friends.


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