A little bit more about Macy

Macy and I had 7 great years together. She sure earned her Kibbles and Bits at the office and was very popular with my friends and neighbors. Where you found me, you found Macy too. My shadow, my friend, my soul sister.

I had never had a rescue dog before. I learned so much about dogs, more about love, dog adoptions, dog behaviors, therapy dogs, good dogs, bad dogs, pack leaders, so-not-the pack leaders, dog owners, dog haters, dog rescuers, dog lovers, dog people, dogs at the Vet, dogs at the park, dogs at the dog park, dogs at shelters, dogs in foster care, rescue dogs, dogs on road trips, dogs in the office, dogs chasing cats…well, you get the point. A rescue dog just brings the best out in a person! And Macy did just that in me. Macy, you’re a good, good, good, good, good, good dog. I miss you every day.

It was several months later and after a million tears, that I visited a website that I had heard about from a very dear friend of mine who had adopted a black Lab named “Seamus”. Seamus was a real piece of work….130 lbs of rough and tumble black Lab who resembled a beached seal more than a dog. When he would turn his body, if you didn’t yell “CLEAR”, you risked a knee replacement. By the way, Seamus and Macy had been besties and were often found frolicking in a big dusty pile of leaves at the Park and Ride, or at the water district ponds terrorizing some unsuspecting Canadian goose that happened to be swimming by. Seamus was right there at Heaven’s Gate to meet Macy and show her all the good smelly stuff to roll on in Heaven. Well, easy to get sidetracked when you are talking about great Labs. Back to the website, Golden Gate Lab Rescue, GGLR.

I had checked it out just to see what Labs were available. The website is set up to show the “Labs Available”, followed by their stories on how they came to be in foster care. Most of the stories are so very sad and all the Labs need new homes. Where does one even start? I was already feeling guilty about even thinking about the possibility of getting a new dog. Was I “replacing” Macy? That horrible thought crossed my mind. The guilties got the best of me and I stayed off the website for a couple of weeks. I was just not ready yet. The grief of losing Macy was horrendous. And shortly after I lost Macy, my grown daughter lost her beloved Lab/Rottie mix to pancreatic cancer. Our house was full of heart wrenching grief. I couldn’t go through any more grief. And let me tell you, when you are trying to adopt a rescue dog, there is a certain amount of grief involved in the process. When you see a potential dog that you think might be a good fit for you, you actually fall in love with their picture, their story, and start picturing that particular dog in your actual life. And when you call to make that first inquiry, many times that dog has already been adopted (good for the doggie), but not so good for you. So I had actually made a couple of phone calls to GGLR, only to find out that the doggie I pictured in my life was no longer “available”. WHAM….just another loss. Also on the website is a tab at the top where they have Lab Pet Fairs at a local Pet Food Express. Usually about 10-15 available Labs are brought to the Pet Store for a meet and greet with potential adopters. I had seen that the next available pet fair was going to be in July and made plans to drive to Redwood City to attend my first pet fair. Enter Murphy.


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