Mr. McRattlesnake

1025121732bIf Murphy finds one more rattlesnake, I will just die! So what did he do? He found ANOTHER dead baby rattlesnake. That’s it…I am moving out of here.

Several months ago after Macy passed, I was lucky to have one of my wonderful colleagues yellow Lab, “Buddha” for a long weekend. It was so great to have Lab energy back in the house. Alexis, Buddha’s person, warned me that he had a great happy bark and that he would get me up at zero dark thirty and bark at me until I fed him. Neither happened since he was at Camp Mary. Anyway, Alexis had left his favorite toy, a squeaky hamburger, with Mr. Buddha, and somehow, over the weekend, it disappeared. Buddha was spending the weekend with another wonderful dog I was babysitting, Henry, who belongs to my dear friend, Nicky. Henry is a jumping Catahula/Pit Mix and I had been taking care of him for an extended stay. This was all pre-Murphy. So the hamburger went MIA. I turned my house upside down looking for that stupid hamburger, to no avail. More about Buddha and Henry later.

Anyway, several months after I adopted Murphy, I was watching TV one day, and Murphy walked out with the missing hamburger! I laughed so hard and returned it to Alexis and Buddha the next day. We both had a good laugh about that one. Alexis is so fun to talk with about our two yellow Labs. The Labs are cut from the same cloth. Alexis has been such a wonderful source of support about his adoption and his “issues”. She wants to hear about him every day! Look out Alexis, with all his craziness, I might send him your way…wanna trade dogs? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Highlights from Week 8:

-Found two more dead baby rattlesnakes!! OK, this is getting RIDICULOUS! Mom went to the security gate and asked them what the heck was going on. One of them told her that a nest must be nearby in the vicinity and to watch out. You think? Anyway, Mom has her bags packed ready to move out.

-Pee’d on himself twice…what’s new.

-Accidentally scratched Mom.

-Got in trouble with the security officers for running away onto the golf course. (Hey he can’t tell the fairway from out of bounds…cut him some slack!)

-Pooped in the street….what else is new?

-Had diarrhea in the street…that’s a new one.

-Gained 7 lbs since Mom adopted him! Yeah, I was very skinny. Must gain slowly.

-Swam at the lake with a St. Bernard puppy.

-Found another dead baby rattlesnake. Mom called Red Ball Moving Company.


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