Week Seven-Bark in the Park

We went on our first official outing today….downtown San Jose’s greatest canine event, Bark in the Park. There are about 10,000 people and abdout 4 thousand dogs there. I went with one of my college chums who was down visiting for the day. As we arrived and were crossing the street to register Murphy, he stopped and pooped right in the sidewalk, right in front of the San Jose Police Officer assigned to the event. Really Murphy? That’s how we’re going to start the day? I wish I had been invisible…so embarassing.

The event is really quite cute and there are many vendors there and thousands of doggies of all shapes and sizes and breeds. Anyway, all of the vendors have dog treats so at the end of the day Murphy had eaten about 100 treats. Since Murphy has larngeal paralysis, he has to be in a harness to avoid having anything around his neck that would choke him. That said, he literally pulled my arm out of the socket trying to get from booth to booth to eat treats. I thought I had mastered the art of the walk with Cesar on my side, but a harness was a whole new challenge.

Then we came to the training booth. They had dog behaviorists and trainers there and were hoping to get people signed up with their dogs. I was talking to them about Murphy, his potty habits, his pulling, and all of his shenanigans, and she asked if she could take him for a few minutes and see if he would behave for her. HE WOULDN’T!!!! For a moment, I thought about giving him away…I am worried!
hahahahah Don’t worry, I would never give him away. But the trainer thing really worried me. I need to whisper him…it worked really well on Macy.

Week 7 highlights:

-Found another dead baby rattlesnake on our walk. You may be thinking that we are walking past the same dead snake, but these are all in different places. One more snake and I am moving! Murphy is on thin ice and is behaving for some reason.

-Fell off of the couch.

-Fell off of the bed while sleeping.

-Ran away again, this time down to the golf course. Bad dog, no biscuit.

-Jumped into Mom’s parked car and wouldn’t get out. When Mom reached in to get him, he tried to nip at her hand. That did not go over well with Mom…better really behave now, or she might leave me at Bark in the Park, even though I never barked.

-Ran away to Larry’s garage.

-Swangled all over the walkway up to Mom’s office. What is wrong with you Murphy?

-Ate garbage at the office.

-Saw a coyote…boring for Murphy who would rather find a rattlesnake.

-Got crazy on the kitchen floor…had no traction so it looked like he was Dancing Gangnam Style.



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