Week Six

Murphy is still coming to the office to see if he is “therapy dog” material.  Our wonderful office manager and training coordinator had just received a very prestigious award from her colleagues for her work in collaborative divorce.  She received a gift certificate from the group.  Murphy ate it.  So much for being a therapy dog.  You’re fired.

Murphy continues to have bad potty habits and I am constantly working on it.  These are all part of the challenges that come with rescue pets.  I am dedicated to this dog and will help him to achieve and be all that he can.  In the meanwhile, he finished off Week 6 with this:

-Found another dead baby rattlesnake with his pal Molly B while they were out on their walk.  What the heck is going on with these rattlesnakes?  I learned that baby rattlers are more deadly than adults because if they bite, they release ALL their venom.  It looks like the rattler had been run over.  Leave it to those two to find it.  And they were on their leashes too. This is getting scary out here!


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