Week Four

Murphy has a very sweet disposition and is very loving.  Thinking he would make a great “therapy dog in training” I obtained permission to bring him to the office for a trial run.  I didn’t know the meaning of “trial run” meant an actual run through the office upon arrival, ending up with him in the owner’s office, in her trash can.  He grabbed a styrofoam Starbuck’s cup (at least he has good taste in coffee), ran out into the lobby, and ran through the office with great delight in his cup.  Then he slimed a couple of my very good-natured clients.  Well Macy had done something very similar her first time at the office too.  Some highlights of Week Four…

Ran away again.

Pooped on the street….again.

Scared some housekeepers getting into their car.

Jumped in the housekeepers car and stole their lunch.  Housekeepers screamed, he jumped out of their car, then back in for seconds, and thirds.  Bad dog, no biscuit.

Peed in the house.  Bad dog, no biscuit.  That better stop Murphy.

Broke down the baby gate to the kitchen.

Slimed Mom for the millionth time.

Slobbered all over Mom’s floors again.

Ran away again.  Made sure Mom was watching when he did it.  Really Murphy?

I am being very patient.  Patience is wearing thin at the end of the day, but he gets his clean slate and a new daily bucket of patience.  I am dedicated to this dog and know he will come around.  I love him very much, no matter what.  Little did I know just how my patience would be tested……



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