The Swangler

I haven’t had a male dog since I was a small child. Our family dog was a 250 pound St.Bernard named McDuff of Menthon, fondly called Duffy. All I can remember about his potty habits is that he had ginormous poops, of course. I’m just not going to go there. However, this brings me to my latest observation of Mr. Murph. I noticed early on, that when he would pee and lift his leg, he would do it in such a manner as to splatter on his other leg, then step in it when he was done. Even worse, while mid-stream, he would start walking away, still peeing. Since he was just recently neutered before adoption, his tallywhacker is rather large, and it swings from side to side while walking away peeing, leaving a trail of urine behind him in a side to side pattern. Not knowing what to do about this, I have tried to train him to “wait” until he finishes his peeing, then walk away. I have also stood in front of him while he relieves himself, holding his chest so he could not walk away, leaving a nice mosaic underneath him.

These potty habits occur daily so I spend a lot of time wiping his paws and legs trying to keep him clean. I have even set up a Mr. Messypants station at my front door complete with wipies, towels, and cleaning stuff for his parts. Nonetheless, the peeing and swaggering continues. I call this “SWANGLING”. Peeing + “the angle of the dangle” + swaggering = Swangle

Oh, I have much work to do.

Rescue dogs are so grateful to be in their forever homes. Murphy has started to get very attached to me and be a real Mamma’s Boy. He is so happy to be loved, cuddled, exercised, and given the opportunity to be the Lab he was born to be. That said, rescues come with some issues. These dogs are just not perfect. No dog is. With time and patience, this too shall pass. He is just the best boy ever. I am so lucky to have him. I’ll work on the swangling.


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