Pet Fair-GGLR

I was very excited to go to the Pet Fair and look for a potential new pet.  I was still honestly feeling a little guilty.  I was NOT looking for a replacement for Macy, but for a new pet.  All dogs have their own little personality.  Although all Labs attend the same University (The University of Phools), I knew that this Lab would be different from Macy.  Off I went, after selecting a number of Labs to look at.  Upon arrival I met several dogs, all of which I was allowed to take for a little walk.  After the first dog walk, I was approached by a coordinator who informed me immediately that I was NOT a match for the dog I went to hopefully adopt.  GGLR is very good at matching the right dog to the right owner and right situation.  Although stung by the comment, I understood.  I found another Chocolate Lab who I adored and it seemed like a very good match.  While waiting around, I noticed a very small yellow Lab in his small pen.  I went over to read his story.  He was found wandering the streets of Lafayette by a kind Vet.  She took him to her clinic and did a work up on him.  He was emaciated, flea infested, and had a host of medical issues.  She found his microchip and called the owner who surrendered him to GGLR, which was the luckiest day of his life!!!!  He suffers from laryngeal paralysis and needed to be neutered.  He was 10 years old according to the owner.  His “story” mentioned possible future surgery for the throat condition.  Not wanting a medically fragile pet, I moved on but not before giving him a big huge love.  He raised his head and looked at me with big brown eyes.  I knew someone would adopt him.  Poor guy.  I moved on to another dog and seemed to connect immediately, but long story short, the foster Mom ended up with adopting him.  GGLR assured me that they would find a dog for me.  About two weeks later, I had gone down to Palm Desert for visit my daughter.  One day while she was at work, I went on the GGLR site again, and poof, there was a dog for adoption…a handsome yellow Lab named Murphy.  There was the story….again.  I couldn’t believe it.  I called immediately and began the interview process.  I told the coordinator that I was on vacation for a couple more days but wanted to meet him.  She asked me if I had been at the last Pet Fair.  It was the dog with the laryngeal paralysis… was the dog I had seen who raised his head and looked at me with his big brown eyes.  It was Murphy…..THAT Murphy….there couldn’t be two Murphy’s. 


So long story short, I made arrangements to meet him when I got home.  I went over to his foster Mom’s house and was greeted by the foster Mom, and Coordinator, and three yellow Labs!  I wanted all three of them!  Two of the Labs belonged to the Foster Mom, and there was Murphy!  He had just been neutered and had some medical issues worked on at the Whole Pet Vet in Los Gatos.  It is an all female practice in Los Gatos that is fantastic!!!  They did a great job with Murphy in taking care of his host of medical issues.  He was still under care for eye ulcers. Long story short, I was selected to be Murphy’s new Mom and was on Cloud 9. All he wanted to do was to lay next to me and be stroked and loved. One real crack up is that when he would sit down for attention, he would lean his head way back with his nose up in the air…closing his eyes. I just gave him whatever he needed, security, safety, love, and lots of food. He was so skinny and small, only 60+ pounds, with this huge head. I felt like the luckiest person in the world to get him. I felt bad for the wonderful foster Mom who had to say goodbye to him. She was such a terrific person and a great foster Mom to Murphy. It takes a very special person to foster unknown dogs. These are people with devotion to the species, love of dogs, and all with hearts of gold. And when one door closed, mine opened. I opened my home and heart to Murphy. There was no turning back. I loved this little guy.I would dedicate myself to his rehabilitation and happiness in his forever home.


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